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We need to borrow some of Santa’s elves! 🎄

A new member of the team and a new wrapping machine, the Originals family is getting bigger, time to find out more about our autumnal journey....

Hey there, chocolate enthusiasts and festive fanatics! Gather 'round for a tale that's part adventure, part chaos, and entirely sweet! Summer is long gone and the leaves are putting on their fiery coats, and we're already gearing up for the jingle bells and mistletoe! Yep, Christmas is revving up, and let me tell you, it's no small feat in the Catherine’s Originals chocolate factory.

So, picture this: Scott, the long-lost uni buddy, has joined our merry band of chocolate fun – Jamie, the mastermind behind the chaos, and yours truly, the self-proclaimed 'chocolate enthusiast extraordinaire.' With the trio complete, we've embarked on a wild journey into the realm of high-tech machinery, trying to tame these new contraptions that seem to have a mind of their own!

three people in a kitchen

Can you imagine?! Building a factory, adapting our recipes and learning new machinery in the space of 6 months. We can’t! And oh yes, fulfilling orders at the same time...

Now, as much as we'd like to claim genius engineer status, the reality is more like three amateurs in overalls staring at blinking lights, bolts and buttons. We've had our fair share of hilarious mishaps – imagine wielding a spanner and a hammer like pros (or so we pretended) while trying to decipher the cryptic language of our temperamental machines. It's a miracle Fiona (yes, that's what we named our beautiful wrapping machine) didn't stage a revolt against our cluelessness! Thank god for Keith, Jamie's dad! Ex-plain engineer!

three men lifting a machine

But hold onto your Santa hats, folks! Despite the chaos, we've managed to craft nearly a quarter-million chocolates – yup, that's a lot of yummy goodness! And speaking of Fiona, if you haven't met her through our socials, she's the diva of wrapping machines, and let's just say, managing her is a saga in itself. Who knew a machine could have such personality quirks?

As the days stretch on (and on), we're all about that trial-and-error life, armed with determination, a pinch of luck, and maybe a bit too much coffee with zero experience. Winchester Christmas Market is calling our names, and we're buzzing with excitement! We'd love nothing more than to see your merry faces there, sharing laughter and indulging in our chocolatey delights. Dates 4th-21st December. We will be the stand selling chocolate.

Brace yourselves – thousands of orders flooded in within just six weeks! We're on the verge of a sell-out extravaganza with our Christmas run to come! If you're contemplating diving into our chocolate box, consider this your friendly nudge to hop on that sleigh before it's all gone.

So, whether you're a chocoholic, a gift-giving pro, or just someone craving a taste of original magic, join us on this wild and cocoa-filled ride. Who knows, you might just witness the adventures of three clueless but determined amigos trying to conquer the world, one chocolate at a time. See you at the market, and may your days be merry and filled with chocolatey cheer! 🍫🎄✨

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