The Chocolates!

Milky O's

Hazelnut Couverture

Hi everyone! I'm the chocolate that's as simple and as sweet as can be in this 'experienced' box! I am young, fun and eager to learn from those with more expertise than me. Pure, milky, and plain, just like a blank canvas waiting for adventures. So, grab me and let's dive into a world of delicious fun together.

Baby i'm blue

Lavender and Chamomile

In a box of delights, I'm the most chilled in sight. When twilight whispers her lullabies, find me. Lavender and chamomile, a tranquil fusion I bring. As you unwind, I'll be your blissful escape, the chilled-out chocolate with a calming grace.

Heart breaker

Orange Chocolate & Almond Nibs

My irresistible charm keeps you wanting more. Almonds are my strength and my orange-flavoured essence, will keep you hooked, keeping the ladies running back for more every time. Get ready to be captivated by my irresistible allure. 

popped cherry

Cherry Creamer

I like to flirt, so join the quest for the key to my heart. I know you want to try my cherry sweetness. I keep my secrets hidden under a shiny pink shell and flattering figure! I am still waiting for “the one”.

tease me

Honeycomb Crunch

Let me whisk you away on a joy-filled journey with each heavenly bite. My honeycomb crunch will make your taste buds ting. Engaging all your senses, I bring a delightful story in every bite. Get ready to indulge and buzz with joy!

snap me

Coconut Bite

Picture me, basking under the tropical sun in Bali, sipping on a refreshing Pina Colada. You will never catch me out of my orange
bikini! As much as you may want to! I can never get my luscious locks wet. You’ll have to chase me to get me in the water.

dangerously in love

Dark Coffee Truffle

Hello, my darlings! I am "Dangerously in Love," a dark chocolate enchantress swathed in a mysterious red cloak. With a captivating coffee essence, I offer a tantalising taste that lingers on your lips. Embrace the adventure, for only the audacious are worthy of my exquisite allure.

bite me balls

Runny Caramel

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for my irresistible charm! My hard exterior masks a lusciously flowing caramel that will leave you weak at the knees. I'm easy on the eye and even easier to devour. Get ready to have your mouth water in anticipation of my creamy gooeyness.

cookie muncher

Real Cookies & Cream

I am the epitome of masculine magnetism, and the gym is where you will find me. "Oat milk all the way for me!" My captivating presence leaves everyone longing for a taste. I love sharing my world approved combo. So come on! Take a bite out of me.