"Made with plants" "Made for sharing"

"Why should our furry friends suffer for our enjoyment? Let's whip up some mind-blowing flavours.

That will have all our taste buds doing the cha-cha-cha! Can I create and sell decent chocolates that taste great? Hell yeah, I'm all in!"

- Catherine

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Every ounce of energy, every ingredient and every drop of love in our boxes is shared openly with you. Our social media and regular emails will keep you in the loop about how we operate at Catherine's Originals.

Originals Dangerously In Love Chocolate


Our ingredients are backed by a range of certifications such as: RSPO-certified palm oil, the cacao tracing program, Fair Trade International, Rainforest Alliance, or Cocoa Horizon organisations. We decide to leave out the dairy and ensure all packaging can be recycled. The confectionery industry needs a WAKE UP! Catherine's Originals may not change the world, but maybe they will change yours...

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Our Original team, welcoming, open and driven! We wish to grow our community. Founders, Catherine and Jamie didn't know the science of chocolate, but what they had was a joint passion to create something magical. Do you fancy being a part of this team? Are you up for challenging the status quo? Drop us a line and get original with us!

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Teamworking Environment

Driven by Catherine's ambition, Originals seeks to revive community-led businesses. Guided by the above three core values, we prioritise the strength of a united team with aligned goals. Together, we believe in making a meaningful impact.

The Destination

This is only the beginning of why Catherine’s Originals selection is THE choice for your celebrations.

Catherine's ideas and dreams don't stop at our original 9 flavours. From "Luxury for Less Lodges" to "Animal Rescues" fair and community-driven working environments, Catherine and the team have only just begun to make a dent in the confectionery world!

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