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Summer In The Air 👒

Hey Wonderful Readers! What a whirlwind of a month it’s been! Business really knows how to keep you on your toes. One day, I’m pulling my hair out over an...

Hey Wonderful Readers!

What a whirlwind of a month it’s been! Business really knows how to keep you on your toes.

One day, I’m pulling my hair out over an factory issue, and the next, I’m on cloud nine, reminded why all the stress is totally worth it.

If you caught my April update, you’d know it was a bit of a rollercoaster. Sales took a dip, my inbox was quieter than usual, and my leads seemed to be going nowhere fast. But guess what? WE. ARE. BACK. Post-Easter chocolate slump is over, and we’re hungry, roaring, and eager to meet new people and share more heartwarming goodies!

May was full of celebrations.

Jamie, boyfriend turned business partner, celebrated his birthday on the 22nd with a blast in the Choco Cabin. Will, brother and chocolate guru,  followed on the 29th with a cold plunge! We offered our biggest discount ever, which was a huge hit. I couldn’t be prouder that Catherine's Originals is now at a place where we can offer such great discounts. From hand-making 30,000 chocolates in two weeks, three years ago, we now churn out tens of thousands of vegan chocolates daily! Our world’s first selection box is making waves, and our new vegan (Wonky) chocolate buttons are a hit! You all see the vision and understand the lack of quality vegan goodies on the shelves, like me three years ago. When’s the Willy Wonka Chocolate Movie coming, we’re all thinking it, right?


As I type this, I’m in a bundle of emotions. This morning, Jamie and I set off at 6 am to drive three hours to Bath for our first-ever in-person wholesaler pitch. Talk about a pinch-me moment! I’m always early, and today was no exception. We got to Bath at 9 am for a 4 pm meeting. Better to be safe than stuck in traffic! Now, I’ve got seven hours to catch up on work at a nearby café and go over everything with Jamie. It feels like we’re about to enter The Den (we’re not, but it feels that way).

Two coffees in and I’ve just received some of the best news I will get all year. My oldest school friend has given birth to a beautiful baby boy! A mix of nerves and excitement today, but what a fantastic way to walk into June! Pitch, Baby and Birthdays!

This month, we also had our first-ever bit of press! All About Horsham  ( a local magazine from where Jamie grew up, visited the factory. They took some shots, we had a lovely chat and showcased our story. I haven’t seen the finished article yet, but I’ll share it as soon as I do!

I  had my first-ever interview/podcast chat with the lovely founders of Eden Treats, Jon and Rosie. Their online vegan store stocks our chocolates, along with many other wonderful vegan treats, check them out! ( It’s always reassuring to chat with fellow founders and realise we’ve all faced with the same dilemmas. Learning from others and connecting with like-minded movers and shakers is invaluable.

We are on the final day of our exclusive launch of single-flavour boxes, and wow, you all love them! Snap Me, the coconut one sold out first—who would’ve thought? Take that, Bounty!

June is going to be a fun month, I can feel it. With our AC unit now blasting from outside, I’m less stressed about the summer heat turning our factory into a plant-based chocolatey mess. Jamie was so stressed he woke me up at 4 am after dreaming all our chocolates had melted, insisting we go check the factory half asleep! Panic over!


I’ll keep you updated on our wholesale pitch! In the meantime, go wild with our flash discount code. It’s just been payday, so treat yourself! and look out for our article in All About Horsham if you’re local! 🎉


Speak soon,


Catherine xx

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