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His Royal Highness

"This is our shot!" I explained to Will. We worked together to write our scroll and were able to present it to HRH.

Is this clutching.... 👀

William Dodd (brother, investor, director and full-time employee at Catherine's Originals), got the honour of meeting Prince Edward when attending the DofE awards.

"This is our shot!" I explained to Will. We worked together to write our scroll and were able to present it to HRH.

The objective- to have His Royal Highness honour us, in the formal ribbon cutting of our vegan chocolate factory in Sussex. (FIY we've been in the factory 6 months now and in my eyes it is not formally open yet)

My reasons for getting the attention of The Royal Household:

Quality Street, is an iconic British chocolate brand (apparently the nation's favourite according to Nestle), but by no means are we striving to become Nestle. Catherine's Originals intends to offer an alternative to the the Quality Street classics, but behind the scenes, we are so much more. A lot smaller... but with a million times the heart!

I respect what Quality Street has achieved, in nearly a century, and how they have grown, adapted and evolved. It is admirable. The founder's story, the world of Quakers and chocolates from years ago, it is truly a different world to how chocolate/confectionery companies are now.

Back in the day, the Cadbury brothers, Bournville Village and the Mackintosh family made dreams become a reality. Yes, the market was not as diluted as it now is, but in other ways, it would have been harder. Just read 'Chocolate Wars' and it all makes so much sense. They are late to the party when it comes to vegan chocolate I think though!

These major confectionery brands have obviously drifted, and values changed since the start of the story. My mission is to bring back what is now missing in the magical world of confectionery. I say magical because I truly feel that this is the feeling many people get when gifted a box of treats. The sense of nostalgia, memories, bliss and happiness. Of course, we know that eating sugar will emphasise happiness with a spike, but even before eating the treat, just being gifted a beautiful box of colour, can make people feel so special.

King Charles opts for plant-based/veggie living a couple of days a week. DofE has inspired Will, to reach high and dream big, which has been a contributing factor to where CO's are today and our factory, just so happens to be in Arundel, home to The Duke Of Norfolk. As well as the relationship The Crown has with the Quality Street tin. Which is why we invited Edward to open our factory. Call me crazy. But I will only ever dream big.

I will wait patiently for the day I share a photo of me and Prince Edward, cutting the ribbon, to officially open our factory.

“Quality Street has a history of marking special Royal occasions including Coronations and Royal Jubilee’s, most recently to celebrate her Majesty’s 50th year on the throne. As holders of the Royal Warrant it is fitting that we should mark this special occasion with a special tin containing the nation’s favourite chocolate assortment”. - Nestle

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