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Hoppy Easter and Happy Mother's Day!

Hoppy Easter and Happy Mother's Day, Chocolate Lovers! 🍫✨ Oh, mini eggs and Mother's Day - two of our favorite things! Well, maybe not the mini eggs just yet (we're still...

Hoppy Easter and Happy Mother's Day, Chocolate Lovers! 🍫✨

Since December 25th, our sales have been hopping up faster than a bunny on a sugar rush! As we march into March with our eyes on the prize (and a lot of chocolate), we've encountered a few hiccups along the way. Fiona again. Shock. She seems to have developed a talent for unwrapping chocolates…oops! Maybe it’s just her dislike for Jamie, or maybe it’s the lack of oil. Regardless this is a photo of Jamie longing to be back by Fiona’s side, but we had to bring in expert. Welcome Jo 1! With his training experience and understanding of machinery, he will make sure Fiona never goes dry or miss wraps a chocolate again! Keeping all the bolts tight and wheels moving, we could be onto a real win.

person wearing sunglasses

A round of applause for Scott and Will, please! These kitchen wizards are taking our chocolate game to a whole new level. We've set up a production plan that could rival the efficiency of the Easter Bunny himself, we're smashing through rounds faster than you can say "chocolate coma.”

With all gears spinning and our expert machine man will be coming down to tinker with Fiona, this March. Keep your eyes peeled for our stripes will be popping up in even more shops near you - we might have just locked in three fantastic listings! I still need to know where you want to find us though! So don’t forget to message me your shop names and I will try my best. The quicker we’re in your local corner shop, the quicker you can save £3 on your next box and say good-bye to delivery charges.

Here’s to starting my 4th year in the chocolate game.

I’ll let you know right away if anything else major happens, Catch up soon, love Catherine 🌟🍫💐

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