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🍫✨🏭 A Sweet Summer Tale! 🏭✨🍫

Our original trio, Catherine, Will, and Jamie, have been up to something absolutely delectable at our chocolate factory!

Hi Chocolate Fanatics! 

I can’t believe the whirlwind of sweetness that has been swirling around Arundel this summer. Our original trio, Catherine, Will, and Jamie, have been up to something delectable! Let's dive into our summer journey...

group in a factory

Picture this: sun-soaked days and laughter echoing through the air as Catherine, Will, and Jamie embarked on a challenging adventure to build their very first chocolate factory. Did I mention they have near to no experience with construction? From hammering nails to building walls, this dynamic team transformed an ordinary warehouse into a magical haven of brightly stripped dreams.

women holding tools

And just when they thought they had it all figured out, entered the brilliant chocolate expert! Together, they huddled like little elves in a workshop, experimenting, tasting, and perfecting their handcrafted recipes. Oh, the joy that filled the room as they discovered the secret ingredients that would make their chocolates irresistible! They didn’t believe they could ever taste much better, but my gosh…they just do!

As the summer days slowly faded and autumn crept in, our heroes encountered a chilly surprise. You see, in their excitement, they had forgotten a tiny detail - installing air conditioning. Oops! Panic ensued, and there was a mad dash to ensure that their precious chocolates stayed perfectly tempered in the kitchen once more. Can you imagine the comedy of errors and the delightful chaos that must have ensued?

Despite the unexpected bumps along the way, our intrepid trio powered through, turning cold chocolate temperatures into warm, cosy moments.

Their determination, mixed with a pinch of laughter and a sprinkle of teamwork, saw them through. And voila! Their chocolate factory was back on track, producing the most heavenly treats you can ever imagine.

factory space

So, sweet friends, as the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisp, we invite you to join us on this enchanting journey of chocolatey bliss. Keep an eye out for Catherine's delectable creations...

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