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🌷 Spring Sprouts More Than Tulips

Fast forward through a messy kitchen experiment, and voila! We stumbled upon a “wonky-shaped Cadbury button” I said to the team. 

Hellooooo my fellow WOnKy ButTToNS

I thought it’s about time I share the juicy details. Basically, I’m going to tell this as if Mr Holbrook, my year 11 english teacher, was reading this (the 5 “W’s” and how)

That’s me to the right by the way. Post product launch, giving my mum a call of excitement! Give me some slack, it was a Friday and on Friday’s, crazy hair and tired eyes are allowed. Mum thinks I look like a cow with horns. Can't say I disagree, haha!

But enough about my cow-like appearance, let’s dive into the juicy stuff: Wonky Buttons and the rollercoaster ride of running a chocolate biz gearing up for summer while the cocoa market's going bonkers.

First off, let's talk about the Wonkyness! My inbox has been blowing up with messages from all you lovely folks, dying to know where the idea for these quirky treats came from. Well, gather round, cause I'm about to spill it.

Last Christmas, I heard you loud and clear – y'all wanted something quick and easy, a snack you could just grab and go. So, I knew we had to whip up something fresh and original, just like our beloved selection box.

And let me tell you, inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks. Picture this: Cadbury's Dairy Milk caramel-filled chocolate buttons. They used to be my jam back in the day – the ultimate after-school snack, pick-me-up, or treat on a day out. Those little guys hold a boat-load of nostalgic memories for me. Like that time I was on a plane with Mum, and by the time I got back from the loo, she’d demolished the entire bag!

There hasn’t been a button that quite hit the spot for me since. So, I knew I had to create my own. After loads of taste tests and searching the market, it hit me: there's no mixed, filled button bag out there that’s vegan-friendly. And just like that, the idea was born!

It was a go! I will make and create the best tasting vegan and gluten free chocolate buttons. Then the wonky stuff happened.

Fast forward through a messy kitchen experiment, and voila! We stumbled upon a “wonky-shaped Cadbury button” I said to the team. Catherine's Originals Wonky Buttons were born!In just three whirlwind months – from the lightbulb moment in February to our launch – we’ve already sold over 15% of our YEARLY supply in just five days!

But amidst all the button madness, life threw some curveballs our way. We had our long-awaited SALSA Audit and Jamie and I decided it was time to wave bye to our old commute and move house.  I can shout “SEE YA” to commuting, and hello to an extra 20 man hours a week to focus on all things chocolate. Plus, passing SALSA? That's like getting a golden ticket in the food manufacturing world. It's a big deal, trust me.


SALSA is like the health and safety rating green card you will see on your local fish and chip shop window, but on steroids. Without it, breaking into national stores is nearly impossible. It demands serious systems, over 40 documents, and a facility running at 120% perfection. Most manufacturers outsource the process, paying thousands for templates, but we did it all in-house. Sure, we had a few minor tweaks to make, but the takeaway? Learn it yourself rather than paying others upfront. Big shoutout to the team for pulling together on this one!

After our launch, Jamie and I actually took a weekend off – our first one in three weeks! It might not sound like much, but when you work with your partner and live the same routine day in and day out, time spent together becomes essential. Otherwise, things can get a tad... argumentative, shall we say?

Navigating a chocolate business in the warmer months, it's a whole new ballgame. It's all about reevaluating how I spend my time compared to the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

But what my mum and dad always say: one day at a time, stay focused, patient, and consistent. Oh, and as long as you've got enough runway (biz slang for "cash in the bank") everything's gonna be A-OK.

Until next time, keep it wonky, AND STAY BONKERS!

Love, Catherine xxx

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